tbh, we're all about being your trusty sidekick in your quest to build a visionary brand.

Our design studio adds a sprinkle of magic to bring meaning, purpose, and confidence to your brand. We're committed to  delivering outstanding services through genuine client relationships and unwavering integrity.



At our design studio, honesty is a fundamental value that guides everything we do. We believe in open communication with clients and delivering designs that truly meet their needs. By being honest about our strengths and weaknesses, we continuously improve and innovate. Our commitment to honesty allows us to build trust, establish long-term relationships, and create designs that leave a positive impact.


We're all about bravery! We're not afraid to take risks, push boundaries, and try new things. It's what keeps us excited and energized about our work. We believe in being honest with our clients, even if it means admitting that something might not work. But with bravery on our side, we're always up for a challenge and ready to take on whatever comes our way. So let's be brave and make some amazing designs together!


Empowerment is a driving value behind everything we do. We believe that design has the power to inspire and change lives. By creating designs that are not only visually appealing but also functional and meaningful, we empower our clients to achieve their full potential. We involve our clients in every step of the design process and work collaboratively to find creative solutions.

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Julia, the founder & creative director of To Be Honest! I'm grateful to say that I've been running my own design studio for 11 years and have had the opportunity to work in various design fields. It's been an incredible journey to see my passion for design come to life, and I feel blessed to be doing what I love every day.

Working with amazing clients who share my vision has been a privilege, and what really amazes me is creating successful brands and turning them into holistic experiences. There's nothing quite like seeing a brand come to life and watching people connect with it on a deeper level.

Our partners

tbh, we're like matchmakers for your projects! By working flexibly with different project partners, we can find the perfect team of experts to bring your vision to life.

Inspired Minds
Web Development
Vera Schwenk
E-commerce Strategist
Florian Hämmerle
Brand Strategy
Christina Schinko
Polarfux Wien
Motion Design
STudio fou
Architecture & Design
Kind words

Julia brings two very valuable skills to our joint projects: The curiosity to listen to the other person to better understand their needs and motives. And the calmness to deal with feedback and criticism in a constructive way - which is sometimes quite difficult, especially for us designers. Julia always remains aware of what branding is really all about: the expressing an identity that her customers can really identify with. And she remains persistent and patient until that moment this moment is reached. This makes Julia an excellent designer - and a very wonderful person.

Florian Hämmerle,