Hartmann Wien

Hartmann, an optician based in Vienna, introduces an innovative service known as "Biometrical Vision Correction." We had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with them on developing the brand identity and print design for this groundbreaking offering.
Hartmann Wien
Brand Identity
Print Design
Our objective was to design a brandmark that seamlessly merges typography and a pictogram. The minimalist aesthetic of the brand's font beautifully complements the adaptable nature of the brand mark.

The branding combines the company's brand colours with a new identity. The Primary logo is a fusion of the letter "B" and an eye. It's simple yet impactful, representing the essence of the Vienna-based optician. We couldn't resist having a bit of fun with the brand mark, though! We created two playful variations of the "B" that you'll find scattered throughout our branding. They add a touch of versatility and charm to our products. And they make an adorable brand pattern too!