Inspired Minds

Inspired Minds is a Vienna based development studio that focuses on custom coding solutions for it's clients. While we had the opportunity to brand their business a couple of years ago, 2023 marked the perfect moment for a refresh.
Inspired Minds
Brand Identity
Our mission was clear: challenge the notion that coding is dull and prove that vibrant colors can coexist with techy vibes. With this goal in mind, we fearlessly embarked on a journey to create a brand that defies conventions and ignites joy.

With a focus on preserving their core values, we aimed to give Inspired Minds a fresh and tech-inspired brand identity. Alongside their commitment to delivering high-quality development services, they also prioritize premium client service and personalized interaction. To achieve a visually captivating experience, we opted for a darker color palette with high contrast. The logo type features a modern font with customized letters, reflecting a contemporary aesthetic. Furthermore, the brand mark takes inspiration from their original logo, deconstructing and reassembling it strategically throughout their online presence.