Lieben Wir

Lieben Wir, a Vienna-based Coffee Concept store, goes beyond serving simply delicious coffee; it envelops an entire experience. Infused with our own passion for coffee, this project has been fueled by not only copious amounts of caffeine but also the heartfelt desire to create a brand identity that exudes warmth and welcomes you like a cozy cup.
Lieben Wir
Brand Identity
Shopify Website
With a clear objective in mind, we set out to craft a strategic identity and website that welcomes visitors, embodying qualities of warmth and contemporary design.

We created a modern identity featuring a cool typeface, warm color palette, and a heart-shaped brand mark crafted from coffee beans. With bold typography and an engaging web design, we create an immersive online experience that reflects the store's inviting atmosphere. Step into a captivating brand that embraces both warmth and contemporary aesthetics, inviting visitors to feel the essence of Lieben Wir.