Ulli Kittelberger

Bringing together neon colors and hand-drawn elements in a communication business brand? Absolutely! Ulli Kittelberger's brand identity and web design were born, and we couldn't be more thrilled with every single aspect of it.
Ulli Kittelberger
Brand Identity
Our aim was clear: to develop a branding and website that strikes a balance between professionalism and playfulness. We wanted to create a versatile application that can adapt seamlessly to serious, business-focused contexts while also infusing a sense of vibrancy and fun through colors and brand elements.

Ulli Kittelberger is a renowned expert in communications, strategy, and public relations, serving a diverse clientele in the public sector. With her distinctive personality and extensive professional background, she brings a disruptive force that infuses clarity and a vibrant energy into her clients' projects. To mirror this dynamism, we've crafted a brand identity that embraces these qualities. The captivating color palette blends neutrals with a bold neon yellow twist, while the combination of serif typography and custom sans-serif logo type is elevated by hand-drawn elements. Coding by Inpired Minds. Copywriting by Werner Eisenbock.