we love handmade

we love handmade is a Vienna based online platform where your DIY dreams come to life. So our approach to their brand identity was hands-on and heartfelt. We hand-lettered the logo type and got crafty with delightful scissor-cut shapes. It was a journey filled with joy and creativity!
we love handmade
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
The branding we created is all about embracing the fun and versatility of DIY. We mixed soothing neutrals with a touch of bold blue to create a color palette that's both charming and eye-catching.

We added a modern Serif and a pretty Sans Serif for a touch of elegance. The scissor-cut shapes have multiple roles, working as background images, picture frames, and stand-alone illustrations. we love handmade will have a consistent and playful look on different platforms, like websites, social media, and packaging, adding a sprinkle of handmade magic to each one.